Reagan’s Birthday Celebration

The Texas Aggie Conservatives spent the day before President Reagan’s 99th Birthday handing out fliers, giving away cake, passing out Reagan pins, and celebrating the life of an amazing conservative.  Hundreds of students came by the event in the historic Academic Plaza at Texas A&M University.

The fliers informed students of the increased living standards, economic growth, job creation and charitable donations during President Reagan’s time in office. Students got a kick out of the event and enjoyed the free sugar boost on a grey Friday afternoon.

Watching the underclassmen members of the Corps of Cadets eating their cake sitting in the chairs we had around was particularly enjoyable; cadets are not allowed to eat standing up until their senior year. The passersby were happy to witness an Aggie Corps of Cadets tradition, and it put a smile on everyone’s faces.

The event introduced students to Reagan, and they learned how conservative policies improve the lives of all Americans!


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