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Chet Edwards Town Hall–August 26

From our perspective, the town hall was an enormous success. Even though printed signs and recording devices were banned, we made signs in line at the event and ensured that the voices of those who do not want the government to take over our healthcare system were heard. The questioning was carried out fairly and honestly; by our count, of the twenty questions asked, 13 were explicitly against the H.R. 3200 bill, 5 were for it, and two were undecided or asked questions that were not directly related to the bill.

Obama supporters hold up supposedly banned printed signs

Obama supporters hold up supposedly banned printed signs

Congressman Edwards himself showed up right on time but was not greeted by a standing ovation as has been reported elsewhere. It is true that many supporters stood to greet him, but they were the minority of those attending. In the minutes leading up to the event, our group and other concerned citizens held up signs and a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag. These signs ranged from criticisms of “Chedwards” to criticisms of the reform package in general (“Obamacare is assisted SEIU-icide”). Edwards answered most of the questions as we expected: he dodged many, twisted some statements into things they were not, and used the entire thing as a campaign event. He must have mentioned the VA clinic in Bryan that he has “saved” after every election about ten times. When asked whether he saw himself as a delegate or a trustee, he answered that he was a “representative.” He kept his cool until near the end, when he was visibly angered at the accusation that he was “allowed” by Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders to vote against Cap & Trade. While we would like to take him at his word, it is very suspicious that he was the second to last person to vote on the bill. Had the bill’s passage rested on his vote, would he have voted differently?

Chet Edwards insists that he has not yet decided how he will vote on this bill. He also made it clear that he had not yet read it during the town hall. Now is the time to make calls and pressure him to vote now. You can call his Brazos Valley office at (979) 691-8797. Make it clear that if he votes for this monstrosity, you will not vote for him in November of 2010.

Obamacare is Assisted SEIU-icide

Obamacare is Assisted SEIU-icide


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Starve or Get Pregnant, Your Choice!

Students for No Parenthood, or whatever they call themselves, was out in Rudder Plaza today passing out some ridiculous materials:

Oh no! How dare we make women choose between food and sex!




For people who are so-called “pro-choice,” they sure don’t like the choice to be abstinent. Did it really not occur to them that college women could just choose not to have sex and thus spend their money responsibly? Or do they just operate under the fixed assumption that women have no will power and thus will inevitably have sex? (That doesn’t sound very feminist.)

For people who are so-called “pro-choice,” they sure do present women with a lot of false dilemmas. “Get an abortion or your life will be ruined!” and “Starve or Get Pregnant!” Yes, Ramen or birth control is a “dumb question,” which reflects badly on the intelligence of these people since they take it seriously.

Oh no! How dare we make women choose between food and sex! They must have it all and the government must make sure of it! How horrifying it is that liberals of our generation somehow think that they have a “right” to have sex with little to no cost or consequences.

Birth control is NOT “basic health care.” Pregnancy is not a disorder or disease, as if the child growing inside were some tumor or cancer! Yet that is how the pro-abortion crowd sees babies in the womb. When was the last time you heard human beings being called a disease? Women are biologically designed to give birth. How can a pill designed to interfere with that natural design be called “health care”? The pro-abortion Left seeks to corrupt our language and thus destroy rational thought.

Furthermore, there was a deceptive practice going on. On the backside of the handout there is some fine print that students inevitably overlooked:

The Fine Print

The Fine Print

Students thought they were sending postcards to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. They might or might not have been, but they were certainly being signed up to be members of and to receive messages from the No Parenthood Action Network without their express permission. So much for “choice”!

Hmmm, so students can create a recognized student organization for the sole purpose of marketing the products of big corporations such as No Parenthood?? Well, I guess liberals on campus won’t mind a future Students for Wal-Mart or ExxonMobil or Halliburton or Philip Morris…. I guess capitalism is only good when it kills American posterity.


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